HR: People First

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Client: Activision

Company: The Red Consultancy, London, United Kingdom

Creative Director: Joff Sumner


Activision hr branding


Create a cohesive HR brand that reflects the professionalism and attributes of the HR team. Brand should work across sub divisions of HR


Inspired by the joint idea that COD & Destiny “First player” perspective games,
meaning the vantage point is real world, first person. It tied in nicely with how HR motivates singular people. From this initial idea a secondary slogan of "Putting People First" developed.

Bespoke photography was shot around the Activision offices in different everyday office situations to create a suite of images that could be used across collateral.

The use of strong sans serif type on both brands mentioned above was carried through. Andes Rounded was chosen because it had soft, rounded, friendly edges. The "R" was distinctive and added a bit of playfulness to the identity.

Colours remained bold. Mainly black. Pop colours to be inserted.


                            Brand guidelines


Selection of photography