Aldi Social Media


Client: Aldi

Company: The Red Consultancy, London, United Kingdom

Creative Director: Adrian Edwards


from gif content to directions for instagram


A new client to the agency wanted to new creative social media content which broke away from their old style


Engaging visual content needed to be created working cross agency with the social media team who led post creation. Each week 20 to 30 GIFs and static social posts needed to be launched on twitter and Facebook platforms. A delicate balance of time management, creativity and inter-company relations came into play. Each week had a focus (like Father's Day post below) which content was based on.

On top of creating weekly posts, another requirement was to help visualize props for Instagram photo shoots. Each week was outlined with a simple goal i.e. festivals, summer holidays. However, each background needed to blend and feed into the previous week and the next week seamlessly. From this a creative direction was decided and specific props, colors and backgrounds noted for the photo shoot team.



Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 10.58.49.png


instagram planning