Journey into the Jungle


Client: Nestlé Cereals

Company: The Red Consultancy, London, United Kingdom

Creative Director: Nadia Farronato


nÉstle SURVIVAL guide event


To launch a fun event using the idea that if kids had a choice, they would have bugs for breakfast, Nestlé wanted to create an event to show off how yummy and nutritious their cereals are to moms of young children.


Design a youthful, exciting logo and build upon it for event materials. Shapes of jungle leaves and ‘cookie cutter’ shaped bugs were used as inspiration for creating an engaging positive/negative design space. Typography was based on hand carved signs one could potentially see signposted for outdoor walks thru the jungle.

From there, materials for the event expanded and really explored the jungle theme. Wall vinyls of leaves and jungle bugs to dress the event space were made; large sign posters filled with Nestlé facts were printed; a brochure with health advice from a nutritionist featured as an event takeaway. Live bugs and spiders were even brought in for kids to interact with. And if they were feeling really adventurous they could even eat one!

event collage.jpg