Love, Life & LARCs

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Client: MSD

Company: The Red Consultancy, London, United Kingdom

Senior Designer: Amy Walker


There are some tests
you don't want to pass


Target age group: Teenage girls. Create a logo; an online infographic; social media landing page; doctor’s office A3 poster and an email newsletter template.


Stray from the cliche pink, flowery imagery in favor of a more updated and fresh color pallet. Style was inspired by the D.I.Y. photo montages found on teenage girls bedrooms as well as the collage style of Paula Scher.

From there, these pieces took on a life of their own. They became organic and reactive to the information included. Typefaces were kept to a minimum for legibility in the medical arena. The illustration style also mimicked a cut and paste feel with hand drawn addtions.

1099_LARCs Infographic_11.jpg

1099_LARCs poster_07.jpg