The Red Consultancy


Client: The Red Consultancy

Company: The Red Consultancy, London, United Kingdom

Creative Director: Joff Sumner

Digital Director: Nick Edell


provoking thought provoking action


After its rebranding to a new green and typeface, The Red Consultancy required an updated website which translated the refresh of the brand. There was also a need to translate the 6 divisions within the company and what they have to offer to clients.


The Red Consultancy branding is a fresh green mixed with black and charcoal grey. The dark background was chosen because this PR firm packs a punch when delivering decisive action and creative thinking. Their unique approach is gently reminded when navigating the hamburger menu which reacts differently than the classic menu, but still remains functional. In order to keep navigation easily accessible whilst scrolling around the site, the top bar becomes a small floating menu.

When the cursor hovers over each division, a quick snap shot sentence of each pops up helping to define what division the user might be interested in visiting. One requirement of the brief was that the content on the website be visually led. This resulted in the grid like layout of the majority of the pages.